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By clicking on the insights page on our website you can see how many student-employer encounters there have been in your area.

As an ambassador for student employability, Founders4Schools is proud to have facilitated 102,576 student-employer encounters having helped 185 teachers place 698 business leaders in their classrooms to talk to students about the jobs they might hold or create in the future.

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Help inspire a fellow teacher in the new school year.

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With just a few days left until the start of September we want to help teachers get on top of planning for the new term. Organising extra-curricular events can be time consuming and sometimes expensive too. If you have found the Founders4Schools system helpful and time-saving perhaps you can help a friend or colleague save some time and avoid costs too? You could:

  • Mention F4S in a conversation
  • Forward on this newsletter so they can sign-up
  • Raise awareness of F4S on social media

Founders4Schools comes at no cost to schools and it is a nationwide service with a mission to eradicate the skills gap in the UK. We help students learn about today’s world of work by connecting teachers to inspiring business leaders who can help young people discover a range of skills and pathways toward work through education. We found that 94% of students leave our event feeling inspired and it takes just 5 minute for teachers to create an event.

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Students are building apps with a social conscience

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A recent Guardian article shows how young pioneers are changing the world for the better. ‘Under-35s are leading the charge in the app market, accounting for over half of developers in the UK’. But these innovators aren’t just creating apps, they are positively influencing our society.

Cameron Graham, 21, is an economics and finance graduate who established Storii. His platform allows those in care setting to log life stories, care plans and even music and videos to help patients through reminiscence therapy. This app helps patients become happier and calmer and is now being used in care homes.

Founders4schools helps share inspiring stories. Role-model events connect students to business leaders who then tell their story and give young people advice and guidance. It takes teachers just 5 minutes to create an event, and inspire our future innovators.

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Good education is about more than top marks

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Hand and Red Pen Grading Papers with Excellent

Chief Executive of the London School of Business and Finance, Maurits van Rooijen has written an article on how assuming that the best grades leads to going to the best Universities, and from there to the best jobs, is not right. In reality life is much more complicated and may not always work out that way.

He says that ‘the best schools help students to discover their interests and strengths, building up a positive attitude, determination, and self confidence’. Learning these things will then improve young people’s ability to deal with setbacks, a real necessity in the world of work.

Founders4schools aims to help students in their preparation for employment through access to business leaders in the local community who then give advice, guidance and share inspiring stories. In just 5 minutes teachers can book an event and show students that there’s more to success than having good grades.

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GCSE Results Day 2016: Decline in A*-C grades

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This year’s GCSE results have shown a fall in the overall proportion of entries achieving A* to C. Since last year, results have fallen from 69% to 66.9% and A* grades have slipped from 6.6% to 6.5%.

If you are looking for a way to motivate pupils coming out of the exam results season Founders4schools can help. Local business leaders inevitably experience both success and failure. They can offer students a chance to gain invaluable insight into the world of work, tell their own stories about challenges and adaptation as well as the range of options available in their industry.

Evaluation has shown that 94% of students leave our role-model events feeling inspired to raise their aspirations.

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A-level Results Day 2016: Record Number of Students Accepted to University

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Congratulations! A record number of A-level students – 426,000 – have attained a place at University. These results are fantastic as higher education enables students to expand their knowledge and skills, and can also lead to better job prospects. However, many students may still not know what career path to follow.

Founders4Schools helps students discover what opportunities they have by bringing 4 inspiring business leaders into schools to each talk about their career path and school journey. We found that 96% of students leave our role model events feeling inspired, particularly to do well in their studies. Never has it been this simple to motivate young people – In just 5 minutes teachers can book an event and spark the brains of the next generation.

The future of jobs: What skills will we need?

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A recent report on skills stability by WEF (world economic forum) highlights how the technological transformation of our current industries will dramatically change the skills that employers need. They predict that an ability to work with data will become an increasingly vital skill, along with complex problem-solving skills and social skills such as persuasion, emotional intelligence and teaching others. Whereas the proportion of jobs in which physical abilities are anticipated is expected to decline rapidly.

Although these developments are exciting, the changes in job requirements may cause the skills gap to widen even further. Founders4Schools can help narrow this gap – a single role model event with 4 business leaders increases students who choose STEM to 54%. Not only that, but students will also have the opportunity to hear from today’s employers and thus gain invaluable knowledge into what the future of jobs will look like.


“We need to turn our schools into the business incubators of the future”

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Peter Jones CBE, founder of the Peter Jones Foundation and panellist on Dragon’s Den, knows why we should embed enterprise in our national curriculum: “instilling an entrepreneurial spirit through enterprise education from as young an age as possible opens up paths to students that they never previously thought possible, and is vital for allowing children to decide their own future.”

Here at Founders4Schools we understand the importance of enterprise education, that’s why we increase students’ employability by connecting them to local business leaders who can give them real life career insights. We believe that by inspiring young people to think entrepreneurially, they will gain the confidence to succeed in an ever-changing business world. After all, as Jones says, Britain’s future leaders are currently sitting in our primary schools.

80% of Employers say work experience is essential

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The City and Guilds Group conducted research which found that almost 80% of employers think work experience is essential to preparing young people for work, while two-thirds of employers would be more likely to hire a young person with work experience.

These results highlight the need for work experience. Not only is it a brilliant way for young people to gain insight into what it’s like to have a job, but employers will also benefit from a better-skilled workforce that will contribute to economic growth.

For this reason, Founders4Schools is currently developing a work experience app that will provide students with work placement in a business near them. We presented our ideas to students interning at City and Guilds and found that they were all very excited about the concept, especially because they themselves saw first-hand the true value of work experience.

National Mentoring Day – 27 October 2016

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Save the date - 27 Oct 2016 – National Mentoring Day

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National Mentoring day has been launched to not only promote the benefits of mentoring but to also celebrate the invaluable contribution that mentoring makes. On October 27th each year attendees will have access to success stories, case studies, and mentoring tips, while also connecting with other mentors to help make a difference.

Founders4Schools are excited to attend and help National Mentoring Day reach their goal of every person in the UK knowing how to access a mentor by 2020. Chelsey Baker, an award-winning business mentor, started the day because she believes that ‘the gift that keeps on giving is to positively impact someone’s life’. Sharing her sentiment, we connect students to inspiring business leaders that demonstrate that through hard work they have become successful, which is incredibly motivating for young people.