Free Course to Perfect your CV & Applications

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Screenshot 2016-10-28 at 5.58.36 PMFuture Learn is offering a free course where you can learn how to succeed at writing applications and CVs. The course is only three weeks and could be an excellent tool to understand what employers are looking for. It is also a great opportunity to share with your students to better their future job prospects by helping them make their CVs stand out.

The course lasts for 3 weeks and requires a weekly effort of less than three hours.

To learn more click here.

Perhaps it would also be a great idea to invite business leaders to your classroom to talk to students about how to write successful applications.


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AcornHack – Hackathon for young tech students in London on Nov 19-20

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Acorn Hack
Acorn Aspirations is a social enterprise which aims to inspire young people aged 12-19 into the world of technology and entrepreneurship through hackathons and acceleration programmes. It is on a mission to bridge the digital skills gap and nurture the next generation of talent to fill the jobs required by the tech industry.

In partnership with Global Entrepreneurship Week, on November 19-20th Acorn Aspirations is running a 2-day hackathon/startup style event where 100 young people aged 12-19 will collaborate with mentors from the TechCity community to develop tech startups that solve social problems in their local communities and worldwide.

This is a fantastic opportunity for your students to step into the shoes of an entrepreneur and build a tech product from scratch.

If your students want to RSVP, send them this link:

Similar events Acorn Aspirations ran in the past can be viewed on Twitter under the following hashtags: #AcornAccelerator2016, #AcornHackWOW, #AcornHack #AcornHackGirls #AcornHackADA, and a short trailer about one of bootcamps can be viewed here. Having launched only a year ago, Acorn Aspirations have already engaged and inspired over 500 teenagers (over 50% were young women, diverse ethnic groups) into tech and entrepreneurship through hackathons, bootcamps and a teen accelerator programme.

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The Pearson Teaching Awards

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Teaching Awards

It’s that time again – the ‘Oscars for Teachers’ will be coming to your screens on October 30th at 6pm on BBC2. Broadcast as “Britain’s Classroom Heroes” – The Pearson Teaching UK Ceremony 2016 celebrates and recognises the exceptional and life-changing work of teachers across the country. Teachers have such a huge job, and they play such an important role in the lives of children, and the Awards is one night where the Teaching Awards, Pearson and the BBC celebrate that in style.

Please support the Pearson Teaching Awards – and teachers everywhere – in the run up to these awards. The Teaching Awards have created a video, based on what students have said about their teachers, and will be sharing it online. They’ve posted it on Facebook and Twitter and would love for everyone to show their support, and share and retweet this video with their online communities, to spread the word give all teachers the recognition they deserve.

In addition, they’ve opened up nominations for the 2017 Teaching Awards here. If you would like to thank and nominate a teacher, please fill out the form. Additionally, please do share the nomination link with your community:

We’re very much looking forward to this award ceremony, and hope we can count on your support to thank the people that have played a big role in all of our lives.

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Bob Dylan awarded Nobel Prize for Literature

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Bob Dylan

As the first songwriter to win the Nobel prize for literature, the artist was chosen for his poetic lyrics.  Blowin’ In The Wind and The Times They Are Changing are perhaps two of Dylan’s most famous anthems and examples of his commentary on political, religious and humanitarian issues.  Read why he was considered for the prize in the BBC article published earlier this week.

If you wish, you can use one of our filters to invite Business Leaders who studied Literature to your classroom to inspire your students.


Partnerships between schools and businesses can help raise pupils’ aspirations

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Teach First report link

According to a report published by Teach First, each employer contact is worth an average increase of 4.5% of future pay.  However, successful engagement with businesses can vary greatly.  Read how 4 schools have built strong school-business partnerships and the benefits this brings to students.


How would you or your students perform at an Oxford interview?

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Swift Oxford Interviewk, Earlier this week, the University of Oxford published sample interview questions, featured in this article by the BBC

Aiming to provide an insight for prospective applicants and put students at ease, the questions are designed to test a student’s potential rather than trying to catch them out!  Find out how Oxford applicants have approached the questions and what interviewers would be hoping to discuss.

Congratulations City and Islington for facilitating 1.3K student-employer encounters

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FullSizeRender 2

City and Islington College sixth formers took part in a work place visit at SAM labs as Head of Careers at the College, Joanne Bishop, also received an award for facilitating 1.3K  student student-employer encounters.

Joanne, who has been particularly interested in how role models can communicate about resilience shared her thoughts about her school’s visit: “Our visit to SAM labs today was absolutely spot on!  The students really enjoyed hearing about the background to the company and learning more from inspiring speakers about the key to success in the business world. They really enjoyed the hands on activity working in teams to create some really imaginative projects using the SAM lab kits. It was hard to draw it to a close!  It was also really refreshing to take students on a visit to a smaller workspace so they were able to compare these work environments to those of the big City firms. The students left inspired and excited about their futures and with a much clearer idea of what skills they will need for future employment.”


Iria Pizania, Business Development Executive at Founders4Schools, said: “I was delighted to present the Power User award to Jo Bishop and to celebrate her initiative and drive to support her students’ employability beyond the curriculum. Special thanks to the SAM Labs team who hosted us during a visit that Jo organised for a group of 6th formers.”

One of the students commented: “Visiting SAM labs offered an insight about creating a new business but also showed us it can be just as much fun if you are passionate with what you do. It was a very enjoyable trip.”


Cambridge tops UK for student-entrepreneur engagement

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Sherry Cambridge Tops up Student Employer engagement

Cambridge and Peterborough business leaders’ acceptance rates to participate in student-entrepreneur engagement programs are three times the next contenders’ acceptance rate, making the region the highest for student-entrepreneur engagement.

Only 8% of schools have a systematic approach to integrating careers into the curriculum. Find out how Founders4Schools’ curriculum filters can help in providing the crucial links for students to local business leaders.

Now you can book 30 students for workplace visits

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Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 15.09.06

Special thanks to two primary school teachers Harriet at Rhyl Primary School and Rosemary O’Brien at Torriano Primary School in Camden who got in touch to see if they could book workplace visits for groups of 30 students, rather than just 10.

The short answer is “yes”!

We’ve added a special new type of workplace visit just foryou.  Now, primary school teachers in Camden (and everywhere) can pull down a fourth type of event “Wpv30″ rather than Wpv10″, choose who you want to visit and voila, we do the rest for you.

Don’t worry if you are addicted to the WPV 10, a favourite of secondary school teachers helping students decide between academic subjects at Uni- so we’re not taking that away.

We are excited to help out primary school teachers of year 6 students with discovery visits as well.

Thank you again for letting us know how best to help you, we are here to help.

Bravo again to Harriet and Rosemary. Let us know how your visits go.

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Barclays & Founders4Schools partner to build skills for young people

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Founders4Schools and Barclays have teamed up to provide young people with the inspiration, resources and knowledge to support their future careers, with Founders4Schools being selected as one of Barclays global partners.

Globally, 35% of employers report they are experiencing difficulty filling jobs due to lack of available talent; making youth unemployment one of the biggest and most consistent challenges across our communities.  In the UK, 82% of Scale-up business leaders list the low levels of skills in the workforce as their single biggest barrier to further growth and 56 % of CBI members list this as the single biggest threat to UK competitiveness in the next five years.

What will we do together?

This partnership builds upon the collaboration Founders4Schools has with Barclays Lifeskills and the Prince’s Trust so that the young people who have attended employability sessions run by one of the partners in the programme will now be offered placements with fast growing innovative companies that drive economic growth in the UK.  Activities will extend to organisations like Teach First that Founders4Schools also collaborate with.

We know that addressing unemployment improves individual social and economic prospects and creates broader opportunities for growth and increased resilience.

Helping people gain the vital skills they need to get into work also supports entrepreneurs so they can scale their businesses and create more employment opportunities.                                                           

More information and links

Barclays Citizenship’s goal is to create and grow a collection of products, services and partnerships that address unmet societal needs while at the same time provide commercial benefit and a competitive advantage, thus stimulating new innovation and growth. It’s about using core business know-how and working with a network of clients, partners and other stakeholders to achieve this.

Barclays LifeSkills brings business, education providers and young people together by helping to provide the skills needed for work. The programme aims to make young people’s first steps into the job market as easy as possible by offering CV and interview practice and improving access to work experience.

Founders4schools improves the life chances of students by connecting young people with 14,000 business leaders who lead some of the fastest growing companies in the UK in order to raise their aspirations, show them where their education can take them and what the jobs of the future are by the very people that are hiring.

  1.   Scale up report
  2.   Founders4Schools annual review