2017/18 Careers Calendar To Boost Student Employability

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Founders4Schools’ mission is to improve society by increasing youth employability. To do this, we want to ensure that every young person has access to at least four encounters with employers each year.


To make this easier for you in the upcoming academic year, here is our simple Careers Calendar 2017/18 to guide you. This outlines significant national and international events for your diary and suggests creative ways you can bring these to life in your classroom by involving local business leaders. You can download a PDF version here.

Date Event Inspire your students
11th October Ada Lovelace Day Born in 1815, Ada Lovelace is widely regarded as the first computer programmer. Celebrate women in STEM, inspire your students and and honour Ada Lovelace day, by inviting a female business leader working in a STEM industry into your school. INVITE BUSINESS LEADERS >
13th – 19th November Global Entrepreneurship Week During the world’s largest festival of entrepreneurship, invite a Founder of a fast-growing start up company into the classroom to inspire your students with their entrepreneurial success story, or hold a Group Mentoring session so that students have a chance to ask Business Leaders meaningful questions about their experiences. INVITE BUSINESS LEADERS >
5th – 11th December Computer Science Education Week Inspire your students to try computer science by inviting a Business Leader from an IT, Computer Software or Gaming company, to inspire students about the endless possibilities that come with studying computer science. Alternatively, organise a Workplace Visit to an exciting start-up company, so that students can meet a range of different employees working in the computing field. INVITE BUSINESS LEADERS >
1st – 18th February National Apprenticeship Week During National Apprenticeship Week, you can organise career talks with Business Leaders who will speak about the importance of gaining apprenticeships and work experience. A meaningful careers talk will help your students understand the links between apprenticeships, skills and the pathways they open up. INVITE BUSINESS LEADERS >
5th – 10th March National Careers Week To celebrate National Careers Week, help prepare your students for the world of work by organising Mock Interviews with motivational Business Leaders, to help them think about their future career and develop the skills needed to enter the world of work. You could also organise a Careers Fair to showcase local businesses to students and give them the opportunity to ask questions. INVITE BUSINESS LEADERS >
8th March International Women’s Day To honour International Women’s Day, inspire your students by inviting a panel of inspirational, successful female business leaders into your school. They can speak about their own career journey, what their job entails and why it is important, and their own personal successes and failures. INVITE BUSINESS LEADERS >
10th – 19th March British Science Week To celebrate British Science Week, invite a Business Leader who works in a scientific field to inspire your students and link what they are learning about to the world of work. You could also organise a Workplace Visit to a company in the STEM field, anything from a healthcare company to a car manufacturing plant! INVITE BUSINESS LEADERS >
14th – 20th March World Maths Week To celebrate World Maths Week, show your students where the study of Maths can take them by inviting an inspiring Business Leader with a specialism in Maths into the classroom to talk about their own career journey and how the study of Maths links to what they do now. You could also organise a Speed Mentoring encounter to allow students to ask quick-fire questions about working in a Maths field. INVITE BUSINESS LEADERS >

Download a PDF of the Founders4Schools Career Calendar 2017/18. You can print it out to share with colleagues or refer to it throughout the year.

Why not get started now and book these encounters in advance here, then leave us to do the rest!

Here’s to a great year!

Your founders4schools team

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