Shaping Tomorrow’s City Today – The Lord Mayor’s Show 2018

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In 1215 King John’s disastrous reign was falling apart. His armies were retreating in France, he was completely broke and his Barons were on the edge of open revolt. Soon he would be forced to sign the Magna Carta, which he would go on ignoring until civil war finally broke out and he died of dysentery while marching from one besieged city to another.

During this time, London had been trying to organise itself into a ‘commune’: a sort of early city state that would be able to declare its borders, make agreements and defend itself. The King may have thought it was a clever move to go along with this, and in 1215 he issued a Royal Charter creating the commune and allowing the City to elect its own Mayor every year.

The King added a condition: every year the newly elected Mayor must leave the safety of the City, travel upriver to the small town of Westminster and swear loyalty to him. The Lord Mayor has now made that journey for over 800 years….bringing us up to 2018….

On the 10th November, Founders4Schools was invited to participate in the Lord Mayor’s Show to support this year’s theme Shaping Tomorrow’s City Today”. Given that our mission is to improve youth employability by connecting the youth with tomorrow’s workplace, we were proud to be given a home in the Engagement Zone in the Bloomberg building to interact with the festive audience.

In the spirit of the theme we created 20 STEM-oriented future career cards that young people could choose from. These careers are tipped to become some of the popular jobs in the near future and we wanted to see how families would react to them. Not surprisingly, young people gravitated to the careers seeming to already recognise most of them, with Space Pilot and Future Farmer being the most favoured.


The cards also included on the back the description of the future jobs and what school subjects and activities they could do to navigate themselves towards these future roles. For a bit of extra fun, we asked them to pose into our branded Instagram frame which also roamed around the show capturing a few surprise shots along the way!


It was a wonderful day, blessed with sunshine for most of the day. Audiences marveled at the world’s oldest, longest and most splendid civic procession: an hour and a half of old London pomp and pageantry leading up to the newly restored State Coach.

We wish to thank the 691st Lord Mayor, Peter Estlin for his support and kind invitation for Founders4Schools to join the show, Bloomberg for helping us prepare for the show and making us feel welcomed, the F4S staff that joined us on on the weekend and the wonderful families that took the time to engage us on the day.