5th International Conference on Employer Engagement in Education and Training

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With just a week to go before the 5th International Conference on Employer Engagement in Education and Training, I have been reflecting on the urgent need to Equip the future workforce with the skills to enable them to work with, not compete with, technology solutions in the jobs market.   

That’s why I’m delighted to be presenting at the Education and Employers conference (taking place in London on 5 & 6 July) when we will be debating employer engagement and training relative to skills in the context of social mobility, the fourth industrial revolution and the future of the youth labour market.

I want you to engage in this debate NOW.

The Industrial Strategy White Paper, launched on 27 November 2017, presents the UK with an opportunity for purposeful growth backed by significant investment. Couple this with the challenges facing the implementation of new T Levels and the likely shortfalls in the number of apprenticeships, we must build alliances across Government, business and social enterprise urgently.

That’s why we are working in partnership with enterprises like Barclays, The Prince’s Trust and Rolls Royce through the Inclusive Economy Partnership (IEP) and elsewhere.

Founders4Schools celebrated its 3rd birthday as a charity earlier this month. The work of Education and Employers has guided us along the way. Research in 2017 by Professor Anthony Mann et. al. found that just four encounters with business leaders render a child 86% less likely to become NEET (not in employment, education or training) beyond school-age years.

We are an GovTech charity dedicated to improving the life chances of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who lack access to professional role models, by connecting them to business leaders.

This focus has meant that 94% of students who have met business leaders via F4S tell us they are inspired, and their teachers report they are three times more likely to go on to consider studying a STEM subject.

Business leaders are amazing because they encourage students, particularly girls, to get interested in STEM subjects, help them understand local jobs markets, and enable personalised guidance towards 140 hours of work experience. Our extensive range of services focus on those places where young people are likely to receive free school meals and can’t rely on parental networks to make the right connections.

So, I am excited to be presenting alongside Professor Mann on Day Two of the conference.

During my talk I will focus on the Government’s Industrial Strategy and its potential to form partnerships between education and business.

I will show how F4S uses data feeds from the government and commercial services like LinkedIn and Duedil, as well as AI and machine learning to give personalised advice and guidance to teachers which maps to all the Gatsby benchmarks and allows them to progress through all these in record time.

I will demonstrate how these same principles underlie the personalised recommendations given to students from disadvantaged backgrounds when they use Workfinder. Workfinder is our app which enables young people to access 140 hours of varied and meaningful work experience by the time they are 18 years of age.

I will show how, with the aid of AI enhanced technologies like F4S and Workfinder, robots are actually creating employable people rather than ‘eating their jobs’.

Finally, I will bring to life real experiences of how we have made a difference in communities. For example, Stirling Council was faced with accelerating changes to the local labour market. By talking directly to head teachers, within weeks 90% of students in the local authority had met at least 1 employer in their classrooms. The Council is now recommending Workfinder, targeted at students who can’t rely on parents’ networks to help.

There’s so much to discuss. Please come along and join in the conversation.

The 5th International Conference on Employer Engagement in Education and Training, 2018, will be held on 5th and 6th July, at The BEIS Conference Centre, London Westminster. You can purchase tickets Here.