7 Tips To Implement A FREE Impactful Careers Programme In 20 Minutes

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Are you lacking the time and resource to organise an impactful careers programme to inspire your students and improve their employability? Follow these 7 simple steps based on the Gatsby Foundation’s Good Career Guidance Benchmarks to organise your annual careers programme in just 20 minutes – and it’s free!

  1. Plan one event per half term. Research by Professor Anthony Mann at Education & Employers Taskforce proves that students with four employer encounters are 86% less likely to become NEET. Additionally, student confidence increases significantly following four encounters and annual salaries can go up by £2,500 by the time students are aged 19-231. Founders4Schools allows you to organise unlimited events over the academic year for free.
  2. Choose a variety of event types.Research proves that students who participate in a wide range of careers events are more confident and more employable following school2. To make it easy for you, we have listed below a variety of events to arrange for your students throughout the year for the greatest impact. Events are designed to fit into the school day at timings that suit you.
  3. Start the year with school speakers. Fire your students’ imaginations at the beginning of the year by introducing them to local business leaders, who will share their success stories. Whether they are the CEO of a large corporation, an entrepreneur who went out on a limb or an entry level Manager in a high growth company, students benefit greatly from hearing life lessons from leaders. Create free school speaker event.
  4. Meet local SMEs with a careers fair. Careers fairs are the perfect way for students to meet a wide range of local employers, however they can be time consuming to arrange. With Founders4Schools you can simply complete a form outlining the basic details your careers fair and we will do everything else for you, ensuring you have a good range of companies that are growing and hiring. Create free careers fair.
  5. Group mentoring for more personal experience. Divide your students into three small groups and have business leaders rotate each group, answering students’ questions. This is an excellent way for students to get both varied and personalised insight. Create free group mentoring event.
  6. Visit a local workplace for high impact. Get behind the scenes and experience the workplace environment at first hand with a workplace visit. Students can speak to employers  in their own environment, test out their skills and gain a sense of whether a career path is right for them. This is an excellent thing to do before the summer holidays. Create free workplace visit.
  7. (Coming Soon!) Get work experience in just a few taps. With the Workfinder app students can find their own work experience placements at high growth local companies. Students can discover opportunities nearby, apply for roles and secure placements in a few taps! Get Workfinder.

If you need help creating your annual careers programme feel free to give Founders4Schools a call on 020 3868 2885 and Alice Oakley, our friendly Community Manager will be happy to help you! CREATE FREE EVENTS.

Or visit www.founders4schools.org.uk to find out more.


1Professor Anthony Mann, Education & Employers Taskforce

2Professor Anthony Mann, Education & Employers Taskforce

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