9 ways to make Education fit for the 21st Century

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Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-23 um 12.55.12The world that children will find when they join the workforce will be very different from ours today – in fact, 40% of the jobs that they will aspire to have not been created yet! Education is the key to preparing students for the world of work, and a recent WEF article highlights 9 ways we can transform our system.

  • Provide a compelling vision of the future
  • Set ambitious goals that force innovation
  • Create choice and competition
  • Pick many winners
  • Benchmark and track progress
  • Evaluate and share the performance of new innovations
  • Pair greater accountability with autonomy
  • Invest in and empower agents of change
  • Reward success and productive failure

Founders4Schools can help prepare students for the future, today! By inviting local business leaders to your school, students will be able to hear from employers themselves and find out which skill sets to build the careers of the future.

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