AcornHack – Hackathon for young tech students in London on Nov 19-20

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Acorn Hack
Acorn Aspirations is a social enterprise which aims to inspire young people aged 12-19 into the world of technology and entrepreneurship through hackathons and acceleration programmes. It is on a mission to bridge the digital skills gap and nurture the next generation of talent to fill the jobs required by the tech industry.

In partnership with Global Entrepreneurship Week, on November 19-20th Acorn Aspirations is running a 2-day hackathon/startup style event where 100 young people aged 12-19 will collaborate with mentors from the TechCity community to develop tech startups that solve social problems in their local communities and worldwide.

This is a fantastic opportunity for your students to step into the shoes of an entrepreneur and build a tech product from scratch.

If your students want to RSVP, send them this link:

Similar events Acorn Aspirations ran in the past can be viewed on Twitter under the following hashtags: #AcornAccelerator2016, #AcornHackWOW, #AcornHack #AcornHackGirls #AcornHackADA, and a short trailer about one of bootcamps can be viewed here. Having launched only a year ago, Acorn Aspirations have already engaged and inspired over 500 teenagers (over 50% were young women, diverse ethnic groups) into tech and entrepreneurship through hackathons, bootcamps and a teen accelerator programme.

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