Now you can book 30 students for workplace visits

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Special thanks to two primary school teachers Harriet at Rhyl Primary School and Rosemary O’Brien at Torriano Primary School in Camden who got in touch to see if they could book workplace visits for groups of 30 students, rather than just 10.

The short answer is “yes”!

We’ve added a special new type of workplace visit just foryou.  Now, primary school teachers in Camden (and everywhere) can pull down a fourth type of event “Wpv30″ rather than Wpv10″, choose who you want to visit and voila, we do the rest for you.

Don’t worry if you are addicted to the WPV 10, a favourite of secondary school teachers helping students decide between academic subjects at Uni- so we’re not taking that away.

We are excited to help out primary school teachers of year 6 students with discovery visits as well.

Thank you again for letting us know how best to help you, we are here to help.

Bravo again to Harriet and Rosemary. Let us know how your visits go.

Useful Links

Raspberry Pi and the Importance of Technology Education

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This month the BBC announced that Raspberry Pi Sales reached 10 million in the British market. Raspberry Pi is a small, portable microcomputer widely used for programming education. Its low cost and portability have made it the most successful selling British Computer ever. Whereas before learning skills such as programming required relatively expensive hardware, now you can get a full kit for as low as low as 99 pounds.

This example highlights the importance of access to learning. Now students can learn skills as valuable as programming for a fraction of the cost. However, we need to raise awareness so that students can be introduced to these tools and taught how to use them. The Founders4Schools platform has a useful filter to select specifically inspirational business leaders in your area in industries including science, technology, and computing.

If you are a teacher who wishes to find a way to inspire pupils to use tools such as Raspberry pi to begin a path in technology, why not try bringing a business leader who can talk to them about the first steps in computing?

Given the importance of STEM skills in the years to come, initiatives such as Raspberry Pi and Founders4Schools can be very helpful to motivate students to follow this path. Founders4Schools believes that all students have the ability to learn and succeed, and the motivation of learning from business leaders can help do so.

9 ways to make Education fit for the 21st Century

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Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-23 um 12.55.12The world that children will find when they join the workforce will be very different from ours today – in fact, 40% of the jobs that they will aspire to have not been created yet! Education is the key to preparing students for the world of work, and a recent WEF article highlights 9 ways we can transform our system.

  • Provide a compelling vision of the future
  • Set ambitious goals that force innovation
  • Create choice and competition
  • Pick many winners
  • Benchmark and track progress
  • Evaluate and share the performance of new innovations
  • Pair greater accountability with autonomy
  • Invest in and empower agents of change
  • Reward success and productive failure

Founders4Schools can help prepare students for the future, today! By inviting local business leaders to your school, students will be able to hear from employers themselves and find out which skill sets to build the careers of the future.

Why wait till World Teachers day, Oct 5? We want to thank you today!

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A huge thank you to all the teachers inspired to raise students’ employability. We are especially proud that you have helped us to facilitate 103,326 student-employer encounters, and introduce business leaders to communicate with students about the jobs they have or skills they are hiring for.

Together, we can inspire even more young people and help them make connections about how their learning now shapes what they can do in their future careers. It takes just 5 minutes to create a Role Model event (which inspires 94% of students!)

Celebrate World Teacher’s Day on the 5th of October – we’d love to hear what you are doing!

Does ‘careers’ have kudos in your school?

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A recent TeachFirst article highlighted that only 8% of schools have a systematic approach to integrating careers into the curriculum. As a consequence, many young people never get in contact with the world of work during their school time, which could have far-reaching consequences for their careers: a House of Lords social mobility committee found that young people who lack information from business leaders as well as work experience are significantly more likely to become NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training).

Founders4Schools’ free service supports schools in providing these crucial links for students with local business leaders, in a way that is quick and easy for teachers to organise.

Even if your school doesn’t have a dedicated careers leader, our Role Model events, Careers Fairs and Workplace Visits let teachers simply arrange engagement with local business leaders to share career stories with students.

It takes just 5 minutes to create an event and start to inspire your students about their future careers. You can use curriculum filters to choose leaders with specific subject backgrounds to help students relate what they are learning in class to the real world of work.


MIT Professor Debunks Myths About Entrepreneurs

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Bill Aulet, author of ‘Disciplined Entrepreneurship’, shed some light on the realities of successful careers. Aulet states that we should stop saying entrepreneurs are born or that they’re the smartest people in the room. He believes anyone can be an entrepreneur if they develop the skill sets that are needed – entrepreneurs care most about figuring out what’s useful.

Founders4Schools believes all students should have the skills to succeed when they join the workforce and who better to tell students about the skills required for the world of work than business leaders themselves? By creating a F4S role-model event, students will hear inspiring career stories from local employers and learn a range of career journeys.

SAVE THE DATE *Ada Lovelace Day* 11th Oct 2016

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Ada Lovelace Day

Founders4Schools is very excited to celebrate women’s achievements in Science on Ada Lovelace Day. Held every year on the second Tuesday of October, it aims to increase the profile of women in STEM and, in doing so, create new role models who will encourage more girls into STEM careers.

Our role-model events are a fantastic way to commemorate the day! You can invite inspiring business leaders who are working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) to your school and raise students’ aspirations. We found that a single F4S event trebled the number of students interested in Business and STEM subjects.  

Raising Aspiration – Deepening Engagement

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We hope you had a very enjoyable and refreshing summer. As the new school year gets underway we want to help you inspire more young people. With 96% of students telling us they find speakers inspirational we know that you have a real impact on their lives. Founders4schools has three events that can help young people prepare for the world of work. If you have tried one event type, why not think about another? 

CHEW1952 (1)

1. Role-Model Events

Career talks from local business leaders inspire students to think about tomorrow’s world of work and how that relates to the subjects of the classroom. For teachers it is a free and fast way to raise students’ aspirations – it takes just 5 minutes to create an event.

 2. Career Fairs

Career fairs are a great way for your students to hear what local companies or universities have to offer. On the day there will be a range of different employers for young people to meet and they will leave informed about the new jobs that are being created in the economy.

3. Workplace Visits

Workplace visits allow young people to experience what it is like to work at a company that is growing and also inspires them about possible career paths they can follow. Booking a trip offers students firsthand experience of a modern successful workplace.

These ‘events’ can be booked as a one-off session but many teachers choose to create series of events across a term or year (at least one per term) for even greater impact.



stb301002_427946k“The biggest impact I can make to creating more great tech and business leaders – especially female ones – is to 
inspire them while they are still deciding what to do with their futures.

Alicia Navarro most recently spoke at the Central Foundation Boys’ School. Co-founder and CEO, Skimlinks.

images“F4S brings engaging, knowledgeable, approachable speakers to school who ooze a ‘can do’ attitude. You could almost see neurons in children’s brains making connections and storing the inspiration for later use!

Teacher, St John’s College School.


A-level Results Day 2016: Record Number of Students Accepted to University

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Congratulations! A record number of A-level students – 426,000 – have attained a place at University. These results are fantastic as higher education enables students to expand their knowledge and skills, and can also lead to better job prospects. However, many students may still not know what career path to follow.

Founders4Schools helps students discover what opportunities they have by bringing 4 inspiring business leaders into schools to each talk about their career path and school journey. We found that 96% of students leave our role model events feeling inspired, particularly to do well in their studies. Never has it been this simple to motivate young people – In just 5 minutes teachers can book an event and spark the brains of the next generation.

The future of jobs: What skills will we need?

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A recent report on skills stability by WEF (world economic forum) highlights how the technological transformation of our current industries will dramatically change the skills that employers need. They predict that an ability to work with data will become an increasingly vital skill, along with complex problem-solving skills and social skills such as persuasion, emotional intelligence and teaching others. Whereas the proportion of jobs in which physical abilities are anticipated is expected to decline rapidly.

Although these developments are exciting, the changes in job requirements may cause the skills gap to widen even further. Founders4Schools can help narrow this gap – a single role model event with 4 business leaders increases students who choose STEM to 54%. Not only that, but students will also have the opportunity to hear from today’s employers and thus gain invaluable knowledge into what the future of jobs will look like.