Careers Fairs – Discovering new career paths is easy!

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Heading into June, we have seen many teachers booking Careers Fairs to connect their students to the country’s leading entrepreneurs and to help their students discover advantageous career paths.

But don’t worry – there is still time to invite exciting business leaders and innovators to bring life to your upcoming careers fair with their first hand experience in high-impact professions!

Use our free service today to secure the most inspiring speakers that will ensure your students are motivated and informed, as to the many possibilities in STEM careers.

Theresa Sear, Careers Coordinator at the King Richard School, has organised an exciting Careers Fair for her 200 Year 7 to 10 students in mid-July. These business leaders will connect with the students, opening their eyes to the possibilities that lie outside of a standard career path.

The invaluable insight from these innovators and entrepreneurs will be shared at the event, and can be a part of your next careers fair too! Invite local business leaders now – all it takes is five minutes and a few clicks.

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