Experience Works: Addressing the UK’s Skills Gap

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Despite a frosty early morning start on the 16th January 2018, over 200 business leaders, educators and some impressive young people assembled into Livery Hall in Guildhall, as part of the City of London Corporation’s commitment to building the skills the City needs and connecting the City’s opportunities with London’s diverse talent. The reason for the overwhelming turnout was the greatly anticipated event to mark a way forward for providing meaningful work experience for young people up and down the country.

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman delivered a powerful keynote address for the event – he spoke about the role businesses can play in addressing the UK skills gap. The event also announced the launch of Workfinder, a workplace experience app helping young people to discover career opportunities in their local area.

Speakers include: Pearson CEO John Fallon, Alderman Peter Estlin, Unruly Co-founder Sarah Wood OBE, Founder of Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates Russ Shaw, Teach First Founder and Honorary President Brett Wigdortz OBE and Founder and CEO of Babylon, Ali Parsa.

Speakers addressed the crucial importance of work experience and tell their own stories of welcoming young people to their organisations and giving us an idea of what success looks like and how businesses can inspire the next generation and make valuable connections to tomorrow’s talent.

The irrepressible vibrant young talent, Jack Parson, 23 year old CEO of Yourfeed, delivered a moving discussion and drove the point home eloquently, “Workfinder is more than an app, it’s a movement!”.

A very big thank you goes out to Pearson our co-host alongside The City of London for making the day possible and being committed supporters of our mission.

Here is the Interview with Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Founder and Sherry Coutu CBE, Chairman Founders4Schools, Workfinder and the Scaleup Institute, hosted by the endlessly entertaining Michael Hayman.

Introducing Workfinder

Photos from the event

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