Founders4Schools first annual review published

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One year on, what have we achieved?

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Our first Annual Review sets out what we have achieved during our first year of operation. It describes how the charity is starting to ‘join the dots’ across the country by bringing together schools and colleges, employers and providers of careers and enterprise activities to give young people a better introduction to the world of work and a clearer understanding of what their future might hold.

Their enthusiastic response has meant that schools and colleges throughout the UK that will benefit from the 13,000 business leaders available to them so that young people in the UK are given a better sense of their skills and attitudes and help them identify the best path towards their future career.

The network of inspiring business volunteers across the country has continued to broaden over the past year, allowing the number of student-employer encounters facilitated by Founders4Schools to pass the 100,000 – an achievement that we believe is truly worth celebrating.

Although this review is a celebration of achievements from our first year of operation as a charity, it is also an opportunity to thank all our supporters, teachers, business leaders and partners who form the integral pieces that, together, will solve the puzzle of youth employability. It is their support that has enabled Founders4Schools to be a leader in the global movement to inspire today’s youth for tomorrow’s world of work.

Looking ahead to next year, I hope to increase the number of student-employer encounters from last year by tenfold. With foundations firmly laid, a focused and talented team on board, and having secured sponsorship from both Barclays and the Careers & Enterprise Company, I’m confident we’ll get there.

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