Founders4Schools New Feature Update

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At Founders4Schools we pay close attention to the needs of our community of educators, business leaders and partners. We know that you have very little time to spare so we work hard to make life easy. Here are the latest upgrades to our service for 8 to 16 year olds.

F4S upgrades

Personalised recommendation engine. We have introduced a recommendation engine to show the six top matched business leaders. Educators can still personalise their search to suit the needs of young people using filters such as gender and industry.

Filter business leaders by language. Educators can now specify which languages business leaders speak and they can search for those languages within the curriculum filter field on the business leaders search page.

Curriculum search box. Educators can now use a curriculum search box in addition to the existing tick boxes on the business leaders search page.

Encounter end time. When using ‘Quick Request‘ to create an encounter, we have now added an ‘end time’ so business leaders are aware of the event’s duration.

Insight alerts. We have improved the user experience for the subscriber event alerts in the insight section.

We look forward to seeing how our new features are adopted!

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