Help inspire a fellow teacher in the new school year.

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With just a few days left until the start of September we want to help teachers get on top of planning for the new term. Organising extra-curricular events can be time consuming and sometimes expensive too. If you have found the Founders4Schools system helpful and time-saving perhaps you can help a friend or colleague save some time and avoid costs too? You could:

  • Mention F4S in a conversation
  • Forward on this newsletter so they can sign-up
  • Raise awareness of F4S on social media

Founders4Schools comes at no cost to schools and it is a nationwide service with a mission to eradicate the skills gap in the UK. We help students learn about today’s world of work by connecting teachers to inspiring business leaders who can help young people discover a range of skills and pathways toward work through education. We found that 94% of students leave our event feeling inspired and it takes just 5 minute for teachers to create an event.

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