Latest FEA report reveals both progress and decline in the opportunity gap

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Today the Fair Education Alliance released their Report Card 2016/17, revealing that the attainment gap in primary literacy and numeracy has narrowed significantly in the past half dozen years, and there has also been some progress in GCSE average grades and in work-based training. But children from low income families are still more than four times more likely than others to be permanently excluded from school, and the gap in university entry has actually widened a little for the first time since 2010.

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This reinforces the importance of our work at founders4schools. By creating meaningful encounters between pupils and business people, we greatly increase youth employability and close the skills gap. We prioritise the most disadvantaged areas in the UK where pupils are getting the fewest encounters with employers. Additionally, our soon-to-launch work experience service Workfinder will level the playing field by giving all students access to work placements at high growth companies nearby. This will do away with the current system in which placements are enabled by parents, meaning those from disadvantaged backgrounds often miss out.


About The Fair Education Alliance

The Fair Education Alliance is working towards a world where our education system is fair – where children’s educational success is not limited by their socio-economic background. This is a world where disadvantage no longer determines literacy and numeracy rates at primary school, GCSE attainment at secondary school, the emotional wellbeing and resilience of young people, participation in further education or employment-based training and university graduation.

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