Partner Newsletter January 2016

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It is a pleasure to highlight some of the great work that our partners have been doing with Founders4Schools and to celebrate the collective efforts of our ecosystem, working together to address the employability of young people throughout the UK.

Launch of Workfinder Pilot Programme

We are delighted to announce the launch of Workfinder in schools in London, Cambridge and Manchester.  Workfinder is a work experience service helping students find work placements at Britain’s best companies in a few taps. Most students find valuable work experience through their parents, putting those who are deprived at a disadvantage.  We are ‘flipping the mode’ to make it super quick and easy for students to find work experience placements at fast growing companies before asking their parents or teachers for final signoff!  Similar to real life, except we are there with helpful suggestions and pointers along the way.

Many of you will know that we’ve been working on this intensively for the past two years (since August 2014) and Workfinder is the result of hundreds of consultations with business leaders, students, teachers, career coordinators and business leaders like yourself.  We are hugely grateful for the time, money and brains of everyone who helped us get here – special mentions go to the  Chelsea Apps Factory, the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, Hugh Campbell from GP Bullhound, Lorraine Lawson along with the Camden and Cambridge teacher, student and business communities and the Behavioural Insights Team from the Cabinet Office.

Other partner organisations we are co-delivering this alongside include the Federation of Small Business, the CBI, TeachFirst, Prince’s Trust, Young Enterprise, Form the Future, Transformation Trust, WorldSkills UK, and Villiers Park Educational Trust. They have expressed support of Workfinder and will help introduce us to schools within their networks throughout the UK.

This gives us a nice start for the pilot, though we would have liked to have been able to include more schools in each of the areas.  We are seeking additional donations so we might be able to widen the net and get more students into meaningful work experience placements. Let us know if you can help, recommend someone we should speak to, or just go to our home page and make a donation!

Lastly, a big thank you is extended to those who came to BETT 2017 on 25th January and supported the launch of Workfinder. An extra special acknowledgement to Adobe for hosting us at their booth and allowing us to provide a demo to guests.

Trainings and Workshops

On 14th December, TeachFirst hosted a workshop in the Isle of Wight, inviting local teachers to learn more about Founders4Schools services. It is always a pleasure to work closely with TeachFirst to provide teacher training.  The event was made possible due to Barclay’s generosity in opening its doors to host the event in Newport.

On 6th December, North East LEP invited Founders4Schools to meet with local business leaders and prominent educators to discuss ways to address the Scale-Up gap and the Skills gap, both of which impact the future growth in the UK. There was an enthusiastic response to the call to action, and the North East has continued to include Founders4Schools in discussions on ways the local communities can improve the employability of young people.

Teesside University invited us to join an active community of business leaders and business support representatives to discuss the challenges of scaling businesses in the region, and in turn increase youth employability.

Launch in Scotland

With the support of Sir Tom Hunter and the Hunter Foundation, along with the partnership with Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and Developing Young Workforce (DYW) with the Scottish Government, young people in Scotland will directly benefit from increased opportunities to have meaningful engagements with business leaders.  Founders4Schools was in Scotland in December to meet with SDS and DYW in preparation for the official launch in February.  Teachers will have access to a white label version of Founders4Schools platform through the My World of Work portal.

Our Frequent flier ‘shout-outs’…

Congratulations to teachers in Buckinghamshire Thames Valley LEP, Thames Valley Berkshire LEP, and Oxfordshire LEP  who have been setting up a storm of student-employer encounters for their students in the past three months!  We look forward to hearing how they go!

Congratulations to Dorset LEP, Oxfordshire LEP and Buckinghamshire Thames Valley LEP with the highest average Student-Employer Encounters per Teacher in the last three months – an inspiration to teachers everywhere to know that your students are meeting more employers than most!

Click HERE to see how teachers in your city are doing – feel free to mention Founders4Schools to your child’s teacher next time you see them!

Invite a teacher you know along to our free training webinars if you like – we’ll have your classroom brimming with job-creators in no time!

To sign-up for our free training webinars, please visit: Eventbrite

 Thank you to the Careers and Enterprise Company for making these possible.

 If you can’t make these dates, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do! To schedule a training for your ECs or EAs on how to use our platform as well as to schedule an employability briefing with key members of your LEP, please email: Kate Walker,

We look forward to continuing to showcase the efforts and impact of our partners.


Yours sincerely,

Sherry Coutu


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