Raspberry Pi and the Importance of Technology Education

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This month the BBC announced that Raspberry Pi Sales reached 10 million in the British market. Raspberry Pi is a small, portable microcomputer widely used for programming education. Its low cost and portability have made it the most successful selling British Computer ever. Whereas before learning skills such as programming required relatively expensive hardware, now you can get a full kit for as low as low as 99 pounds.

This example highlights the importance of access to learning. Now students can learn skills as valuable as programming for a fraction of the cost. However, we need to raise awareness so that students can be introduced to these tools and taught how to use them. The Founders4Schools platform has a useful filter to select specifically inspirational business leaders in your area in industries including science, technology, and computing.

If you are a teacher who wishes to find a way to inspire pupils to use tools such as Raspberry pi to begin a path in technology, why not try bringing a business leader who can talk to them about the first steps in computing?

Given the importance of STEM skills in the years to come, initiatives such as Raspberry Pi and Founders4Schools can be very helpful to motivate students to follow this path. Founders4Schools believes that all students have the ability to learn and succeed, and the motivation of learning from business leaders can help do so.

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