Barclays Digital Development Index Report

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Our world is changing. The digital revolution is affecting us all, at home and at work. It offers new opportunities and greater choice, but is also disrupting the way we live our lives.

We want Britain to thrive in the digital economy. And we want to help British businesses to compete in the global marketplace. In response to this Barclays have produced this research which aims to understand how well prepared the UK workforce is for the digital economy.

Based on a survey of 10,000 working adults in 10 countries, it provides an international comparison of current levels of digital skills and confidence in emerging and developed economies, including some major economic rivals to the UK as well as new ‘Digital Tigers’ Estonia, South Korea and Sweden. The full report From Inclusion to Empowerment: The Barclays Digital Development Index includes insights and commentary from a range of leading experts and explores the steps needed to develop digital skills and confidence further across the UK.