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Talent, work experience, careers… you as teachers have probably experienced how students discover their talents and skills through work experience, which helps them to ultimately develop a career. But you might have also experienced how hard it is to support them in finding their talents on top of the tight curriculum.
We are here to help you with that! We connect you to business leaders in your area so that you can invite them into your classroom and inspire your students to discover where their talents lie.

Noshin Yasin, teacher and CEIAG Manager at Shireland Collegiate Academy has used our free service and invited three business leaders to come to their Careers Day at the end of September and kick the day off by talking to 30 of their Year 9 students about how they discovered their talents and skills and “made it” in the world of work. Speakers are:
Stephanie Chamberlain, Founder & CEO of Magic Milestones consultancy, Des Ponsonby, Managing Director at Corporate Solutions Logistics and Simon Jenner, Co-founder and CEO of Urban Coffee.

Sean McKenna, Head of PSHE and Careers at Comberton Village College, found 4 business leaders through our service who he invited to their Careers Day next week to inspire 90 Year 11 students to aim high. To the school will come:
Chris Poulton, Chairman at Smartcitizen, Denis Kaminskiy, Co-founder and Director of Arcus Global, Yichen Shi, CEO at Axol Bioscience and Dr. Claire Hooper, CEO at Cambridge Temperature Concepts.

Careers & Enterprise Company  – Toolkit for Teachers 

The Careers & Enterprise Company, an initiative announced less than a year ago by Secretary of State for Education Rt. Hon. Nicky Morgan MP, launched yesterday. The launch, hosted by Lord Young whose Enterprise for All report provided inspiration for the work of this umbrella organisation, brought together a number of educational organisations, businesses and Local Enterprise Partnerships that will work closely in improving the links between education and employment.
The Careers & Enterprise Company was set up to address gaps in careers advice across the country. It will provide a toolkit for teachers with information on opportunities to engage with local employers that will help raise their students’ aspirations and demonstrate the relevance of their education to their future careers, and how these fit within the national curriculum. We will keep you posted on the toolkit – Stay tuned!


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