The Careers & Enterprise Company and Founders4Schools join forces to simplify careers provision for schools

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The Careers & Enterprise Company and Founders4Schools join forces to simplify careers provision for schools

(London, Wednesday 4 July 2018): The Careers & Enterprise Company, established to provide high impact careers support to young people, and award-winning GovTech charity Founders4Schools (F4S) have joined forces in a pilot project to help schools using both services benefit from employer engagement more easily. F4S Founder and Chairman Sherry Coutu CBE delivered a talk at the event transcribed below:


I’m Sherry Coutu – an economist turned computer programmer turned entrepreneur, investor, mother and philanthropist.  I am chair of Founders4schools and Workfinder, which are two charities dedicated to eradicating the skills gap which is plaguing the competitive advantage of the UK and elsewhere.

To date, we have helped educators to connect more than  130,000 young people our volunteers – in more than 370,000 student employer encounters, and our services are used by educators in every LEP and more than 300 Local Authorities.  We use technology common in other industries to benefit educators and students here- our learning platform gives any educator who uses our services a ‘GATSBY GPS system’ so they know how to help their students the most.

We are a charity that was founded before CEC existed, but instead of being crowded out by them, we, and the educators, career leaders who use our services have benefited.

I go back a long time on collaboration, in fact, my thesis at Harvard Business school in 1993 was on strategic alliances in high tech firms.  Ever since then, I’ve practiced collaboration and forged strategic alliances and so was very pleased to be asked to talk about the deepening of our collaboration today by Claudia.

I thought I might go back to when I first was speaking to Lord Young about his idea to form CEC and passport – this was several years back when I as an advisor to LinkedIn, helping them roll out across nations, but in particular, helping introduce their API to the developer community in London.


I was a big advocate of CEC being formed and was pleased when then appointed


And I was pleased when I first spoke with Christine and very much on her mind was getting the Chief Executive appointed.

EXECUTION – enter Claudia Harris, freshly poached from Mckinsey, here to lead

What follows is the story of how our partnership developed.

First Research:   Cold Spots – this was really helpful at pulling together all the research to find out which areas needed the most focus.

→ this inspired me to devise the BIGRI index, which classified the businesses we have volunteers from according to their size, growth and location – so e could map the cold-spots in the UK so we could see where it might be hardest to achieve our 4 student-employer encounters per student.

→ in inspired us to introduce Student-Employer Encounters per 1000 in our local authority reporting

First Funding:  

We introduced LEP reporting, to supplement our constituency and local authority reporting.

We introduced Coordinator reports so that the coordinators could keep track of which schools were achieving their Student Employer Encounters

Research they commissioned & collated on quality of encounters-

  • Inspired us to improve the guidance we gave to educators who used our services and to
  • introduce guidance as to which of the encounters that were available over our services made a contribution to which of the GATSBY benchmarks.

Their introduction to us of Enabling Enterprise spawned that partnership, and we now embed Enabling Enterprise’s framework into the personalised recommendations educators receive when they subscribe to our free learning platform.

Today I’m really pleased to finally be announcing an integration with Tracker, having worked with their team and given them one of my engineers to get their API up and running – just as I used to do for Linkedin 6-7 years ago.  The reason I am so excited about this is it means that the thousands of educators who use our service don’t have to double-report – everything they do on Founders4Schools and Workfinder platforms, can be reported to CEC and show up on the CEC tracker – without the educator needing to lift a finger.

Furthermore, assuming we are given permission by the educator to know where they currently stand on GATSBY, we can update our recommendation engine so that the guidance we give to educators also reflects other encounters that are taking place on other providers platforms

O-Auth transformed a fragmented tech industry some time ago in SV – its nice to see these lessons applied in the UK – our children and grand-children deserve the best, and our educators need all the tools and training in their tools to do the job that only they can do – freeing them of admin hassle is excellent and giving them the worlds’ best guidance whenever the need it (because they are not experts) is a must.  A pleasure to be here with you today – can’t wait to see what we do together in the coming three years –

Let’s move the dots now that they are joined up….

CEC & F4S Tracker Intergration Demo Video

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 13.21.37

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 13.29.12

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 13.29.01