Women in Business!

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Entrepreneurship is booming. Whilst its notion is often tied to technological innovation in Western countries, the spirit of entrepreneurship is perceived very differently in developing countries with emerging economies. Here, innovations that solve social problems such as supporting a community with a supply of food or ensuring that children have a basic education are needed. The Entrepreneur introduces 3 inspiring examples in an article published this week of how entrepreneurial women, who had to fight hard to be heard, made a difference in their communities through applying their entrepreneurial talent.

With the same vigour, the Global Week of Entrepreneurship has set MAKE IT HAPPEN as their motto to promote entrepreneurial women and ideas with a social dimension this year.
We are also excited to share that your fellow enterprising colleagues have invited women leaders to their school and participate in the campaign to inspire young girls to become future entrepreneurs and successful ones, too. Join them!


Female Role Models for GEW

We are very pleased to share with you that Joy McArdle, Head of Business & Enterprise at Felsted School, has used our service to invite 4 female leaders of successful and growing businesses to her school to inspire 25 of her Y12 to Y13 girls who study business & economics as part of the GEW in November. Combined their companies make over £28 million turnover and employ more than 169 people.

Speaking will be: Alexandra De’Cort, Director at Beckett Media, a consultancy specialised in data & marketing, Helen Moore, Managing Director of City & Country Group that develops cultural heritage properties in the UK, Helen Withers, Managing Director at Arc Legal Assistance, who designs and implements insurances models and Jane Gurney, CEO at the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust.



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